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Hi, my name is Shawn and this is my first tumblr! I love k-pop, Doctor Who, K Drama, and spending time with my friends! Right now, I am a Soph. in college trying to reach my dreams just like everyone else! I try to be open and charasmatic, and if you'd like to talk that be great! Have a blessed day & an even better day!

I feel, I feel FANTASTIC!
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When my will fails you are always there. When my body gives out and all i want to do is crawl under a rock, you’re right there watching over me.,when it seems to be the end,and all hope is lost, you are there to comfort me. You are my rock, my protector, and my joy.


guys i just found a gif that sums up zhang yixing’s existence


lol one minute he’s sexy, the next he’s super cute. ughhh lay why do you do this to my poor fangirl heart.

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